No “can”,but will. 没有可不可以,只有愿不愿意。

  My love ,I am only love you。

  My love will shine我的爱人会发光

  【Love is to rely on each other to maintain.】

  Since know, why so sensational. -既然心知肚明,又何必句句煽情。

  Love with all my love.用尽全力爱我所爱。

  If only you would walk away And be without the shadows left by him但愿你可以离开 离开他留给你的阴影

  Do not give in to fear. 【别在恐惧面前低下你的头.】

  We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us 。我们看错了世界,却说世界欺骗了我们。

  The soul is not where it lives,but it loves.心不在它生活的地方,而在它所爱的地方。

  I am waiting for the wind waiting for you, too. 白茶清欢无别事,我在等风也等你。

  I wait for you to come back and say you love me 我等着你回来说你还爱着我

  We just can‘t let go, when the storm is ahead.总希望在风雨欲来的时候,抱紧一些不想放弃的想法。

  In addition to you,and who is eligible walked around in my heart. 除了你,还有谁有资格在我心里走来走去。

  Being silent is the perfect way to show contempt.沉默是表示轻蔑的最完美方式。

  How far is far, how high is high We’ll never know until we try.远有多远,高有多高,只有试了才知道。

  You are just saying that. (你只是说说而已)

  Some love, can only stop at the lips and teeth, mask in the years to come. 有些爱,只能止于唇齿,掩于岁月。

  Time orbit we just one solitude of the subway.时间的轨道里我们只是一班孤寂的地铁

  As long as you love me. 只要你爱我。

  Cheer up! After rain comes always sunshine. 振作起来,雨过总会天晴。

  I can do am not many, but you need time, I always.我能做的不多,但你需要的时候,我总是在的。

  Approaching you,I get hurt,and leaving you,I will be lonely.

  You are my most dazzling lights! 你就是我最耀眼的发光体!

  No words are necessary between two loving hearts.

  I loved you...truly, deeply did...and suddenly, I felt nothing. 我爱过你,真的、深深的爱过。但突然,所有感觉都没了。

  Your every act and every move let me heartache 你的一举一动都让我心疼

  To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance. 爱自己是毕生浪漫的开始。

  关关雉鸠,在河之洲。窈窕淑女,What is your QQ.

  I love not love you one minute only 60 seconds.我爱的不多 一分钟只爱了你六十秒。

  If we wait for the right person, whether to a lifetime alone.---假如我们等不到对的人,是不是要一辈子孤单。

  want to rely on and you are not.(我想依赖而你却都不在 )

  再烫的水也会凉,不合适的人终会散场。 The hot water will be cold, and the wrong people will be scattered.

  There is always a sad dream,in the dream, he loves me very much. 总是做一个很悲伤的梦,在梦里他很爱我。

  If life is like a journey, it must go through the whole. 如果生命如同一段旅程,总要走过后才完整。

  You are the one,in particular,I care,I treasure.——最在乎的人,最重视的人,最特别的人,最珍惜的人,都是你。

  It just happens and we should live with it.世事无常,我们要随遇而安。

  Most want is you, the most do not want to bother is also you. 最想的是你,最不想打扰的也是你。

  除非黄土白骨,我守你岁月无忧。 Unless the loess buried my bones, I will keep with you forever.

  Happiness is the precipitation of time,smile is the lonely sorrow. 幸福是年华的沉淀,微笑是寂寞的悲伤。

  阳光和你同在,就是我想要的未来。Sunshine and you is what I want in the future.

  我喜欢的人啊,他有一身的温暖。The man I loved has all the warmth.

  The happiness you gave me before has been there for me when I am sad.以前你给过的快乐,现在都陪着我难过。

  Story is very long and I will make it short.I like you, for a long time. 故事很长,我长话短说,喜欢你,很久了。